Are Your TRIGGERS Your Teachers? Psychosomatic Therapy + Emotional Anatomy Inside Out

Doctor Jin Ong is professionally trained as an osteopath, psychosomatic therapist, western medical acupuncturist and herbalist living in New Zealand.

Having treated thousands of clients in her clinics, she soon became fed-up with her clinical results with patients.

Because, deep down she knew her client’s pain was not only physical and that it was a manifestation of their emotional state.

She learned through experience that her patients were dealing with hidden trauma and stress they’d never spoken about; which impacted the ability of their physical and emotional body to heal.

Their body was speaking to them, but they weren’t listening.

They had an emotional disconnect

Do you know someone like this?

Or maybe this is you?

Either way, this episode has the potential to change your life if you integrate the wisdom that you hear.
This is the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, and I am Josh Trent.

Are Your Triggers Your Greatest Teachers?

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One of the most beautiful aspects of healing that I've learned on my own journey is that when we truly take an honest look at ourselves, shame and apathy can be released.

Because it's in the honesty of myself and my own curious inquiry that I find what is so loving, bright and filled with light, that the darkness of shame and apathy simply cannot exist.

I think you're going to find true peace and understanding of your emotional triggers from Dr. Jin today in a profound way.

Emotional Anatomy Inside Out

In this podcast you'll learn:

  • About the art of listening to your body
  • Why masculine or feminine energy could be a death sentence when not integrated or understood.
  • How to heal your relationship to your younger self.
  • And… how we develop the courage to say no.
  • We explore the many facets of why it's so hard to develop courage for ourselves and what we can do about that.
  • We'll talk about “seeing the space in between.”
  • How you can finally get to a point where you're able to process your emotions and trauma.
  • We also share about traumatic birthing experiences and a warning about the darkside of the free birth movement.
  • The dark side of the free birth movement (just like any movement) that needs to be exposed for its own healing.
  • Emotional intelligence training for men during their partner's pregnancy.
  • How to support a woman during and postpartum.

Psychosomatic Therapy Healing Practices

But at its core this episode will give you the tools and the practicality to learn how your triggers can become your best teachers.

A lot of why I think we are so triggered in this world is because we're not filling our cup properly.

We operate in a world of the “Wellness Pentagon” that I teach which is the five-sided shape that all of us live inside of:

The physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and emotional self that all starts with a baseline of the physical.

In other words if we are over-caffeinated or under-slept or hungry or malnourished, our triggers are going to intensify.

Can you relate to this?

One of the ways that I satiate myself personally is always having high quality fat and protein in my recording studio and basically everywhere in my life.

Heal + Nourish Your Triggers with Nutrition

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