Can This Ancient Breathwork Liberate You From Fear? Gwen Payne

Gwen Payne is the founder of “Breath is Prayer” and “Inspired Sedona”. Gwen intuitively employs a combination of breathwork, the passion test, family constellations, hypnotherapy, coaching, yoga, and dance to guide and support people in coming home to their true nature and remaining consciously connected to their essential truth.

Gwen was born in Italy, grew up in Tunisia, and attended boarding schools in Europe throughout high school before moving to the United States to attend Stanford University.

Gwen credits her diversity and cultural experiences as the most formative education of her life – one that provided her unique vision and perspective upon which she draws in her work.

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Healing through Breathwork

At the end of 2019, I started to go very deep into the art and the science of breathwork, and it has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And that was exactly the case for me with my guest, my mentor, and my friend today, Gwen Payne.

Gwen hails from the beautiful city of Sedona in Arizona and she is deep like Sedona and spacious like the sky.

When she speaks, there is a quality of a integrated and embodied elder in her articulation, and I think you're really going to love, not only her wisdom that she shares today about how ancient breathwork turns your body into a conduit for healing generational pain, but also if you yourself are a coach or healer of any kind, then this is my opportunity to give you a huge discount to actually work one-on-one, learning the art of breathwork in Gwen's ”Breath is Prayer” training coming up in this November 2022 live and in-person in Sedona.

You can head over to and get a free ceremonial breathwork from Gwen and learn more about becoming her student live and in-person in Sedona.

If you are currently a student of mine in the Breath and Wellness program over at, then you know I credit all of my teachers.

Gwen was a monumental force in me launching my own program and serving my community.

Unblock Your Full Potential with Your Breath

In this podcast we're going to go deep into the art of the breath and why breath can knock down internal blockage for us to achieve not only our goals, but also to identify the anxiety and depression that is stopping us in our tracks.

We'll talk about the core of behavioral dysfunction, what micro trauma is, and what energy from trauma is here to teach us. We'll talk about freedom and why Gwen is so radically self expressed.

She will share with us what skills a breathwork facilitator truly needs to embody, why it's incredibly important to always be a student of life, how to listen to your own authentic guidance system, you'll learn about the breakfast prayer experience, and why the breath as a prayer modality is specific to releasing stuck energy from the nervous system.

We'll talk about why death can be our greatest advisor and really why breath exposes what is already there. Gwen says that breathwork doesn't bring anything new, it just exposes what's already there.

Experience Shamanic Breathwork with Gwen at Home

Gwen is a gift. This podcast will rock your soul and I implore you to head over to the minute you start getting the pull towards her training.

She's giving the first three people from our audience a huge discount that you're going to learn about in the podcast today.

And as always, thank you for supporting this podcast. If you're already buying health and wellness products, you can go to and check out our store page to get everything from cognition, sleep quality, and stress improvement, and anything under the sun in your Wellness Pentagon at prices you can't even find on Amazon.

Literally, I will give you a dollar for the best prices you could ever find online because you're a special part of our audience and that is my gift to you.

Now let's take a deep breath and drop in with the one and only Gwen Payne.


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