Ancestral Lessons

What ancestral lessons are waiting for you?

I want to share the story of my personal Vision Quest.

This is the ultimate saga of my Vision Quest with the one and only leader of Purpose Mountain. We are going to discuss the right of passage that has been stripped from both men and women.

Why it is potent for all of us to be fully integrated. When this modern world is filled with distractions.

If you have been searching for your own purpose, something that feels unique to your Life Path. You feel lost; perhaps you feel like what you're doing in life right now is not making you happy.

Are You Ready For Ancestral Lessons?

You feel unfulfilled; this story of my Vision Quest and own ancestral lessons will help you. 

We sit down with the Founder of Purpose Mountain. He serves as a certified nature-based purpose guide. To support people who hear the call from the wild to discover their purpose. Those with a burning desire to live their vision. 

I had the ultimate emotional intelligence and spiritual breakthrough of my life. I spent 10 days in northern Idaho. 

Working with Tim, Mark, Alia, Hayden, and 7 brave souls. We spent 100 hours water fasting. Alone in nature with no food, no flashlight, no fire, only a jug of water, a sleeping bag, and a tarp.

Why would anyone do this? We have become soft in our modern world. Not just soft physically but soft emotionally. In order to build our grit. Our emotional resilience. To achieve congruence within ourselves.

I felt the call from a previous podcast guest and friend Aubrey Marcus who introduced me to Tim. The rest is history.

This cracked my heart wide open. Let me share the experience with you. Listen to episode 405 of my podcast. You're going to find a treasure chest of how you can use these tools. To embark upon your own Vision Quest with Tim at Purpose Mountain.

Live Your Purpose

Explore what precisely a Vision Quest is. What ancestral lessons it will teach you. The work it takes to live your purpose, the beauty and the power in ceremony, the Rites of Passage for each stage of life.

The difference between Ayahuasca, psychedelics, and Vision Quests. Why I believe that a Vision Quest is actually more potent and more transformational. Then people who run from ceremony to ceremony.

How we can honor our ancestral past and the difference between pain and suffering. Tim breaks down why suffering equals pain times resistance. There is an easier path to learn from our pain, but there is no quick fix.

I have a strong intuition that this episode will move you emotionally in a way that you haven't. Stay connected to your breathing while you listen to this episode.

Lessons From Our ANCESTORS | Wellness Force #Podcast

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About Tim Corcoran

Tim Corcoran | Vision Quest, Purpose Mountain & How To FInd Your Place In The Ecology of Life

Tim Corcoran is the founder of Purpose Mountain, where he serves as a certified Nature Based Purpose Guide to support people who hear the call from wild nature to discover their purpose, those with a burning desire to live their vision and a willingness to work with resistance and fears through the Ecology of Self and Voice Dialogue.

Tim also serves as co-Director of Twin Eagles Wilderness School, an organization he co-founded with his wife, Jeannine Tidwell, in Sandpoint, Idaho in 2005 dedicated to facilitating deep nature connection mentoring, cultural restoration, and inner tracking.

Tim is a leader of men’s groups and holistic rites of passage for males, guiding and initiating men and boys into the new paradigm of the mature masculine.

Helping People Find Their Purpose

Since 1999, Tim has dedicated his life towards consciously furthering this vision of living in balance with the Earth, community, family, self, spirit and soul.

Healing the cultural rift between the mainstream and indigenous cultures, transformational consciousness work, the spiritual journey, ancestral work, deep nature connection, family and holistic health are all deep commitments in his life.

Tim is a heart centered father of two brilliant boys and husband to a magnificent wife, and lives in pristine Sandpoint, Idaho.


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