AMA: Money, Maturity + Paradigm Shifts For Abundance

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 643

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares what beliefs he got to unlearn to go from debt to making money and why shifting the paradigm will help you become financially abundant.

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aennarenteria – Anna Renteria: When did you begin to unlearn and develop better skills around money?

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Listen To Episode 643 As Josh Trent Answers Your Questions:

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[10:10] Shifting The Money Paradigm

Let's begin. This is from Anna Renteria.

When did you begin to unlearn and develop better skills around money?

So like I shared, when I was in Encinitas and it was just the end of 2015, beginning of 2016, I was $80,000 in debt. $80,000, which may not seem like a lot of money. And now I know that it's literally just a reserve of energy.

$80,000 at the time was completely deafening to my eardrums. I could not escape the clutches of what I thought this money meant. And what I know now about money is money is really a byproduct of the service you put out in the world. And there are a few other ingredients here.

  • Maturity
  • Dream
  • Call forth
  • Support others
  • Game
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Wounding

The maturity that you have, how clear you are in your dream, what God or higher power is calling you forth to do, what is your level of commitment to support others, what paradigm are you living in, and how do you see the game, y'all?

Because this is really just a game, and this is the part that's going to be a bit triggering today.
So if you yourself are dealing with money issues right now, and when I say money issues, I just mean any type of compressive energy or any type of compressive emotion about money, this is going to be a great episode for you.

So let's go back, let's float in a time machine. At the time, $80,000 felt insurmountable. But what I know now is you can make $80,000 as quickly as you're of service to others.

But in order for you to be of service to others, you have to have certain aspects of your own maturity that are willing and certain parts of your childishness, and this is the big 1 that not everybody wants to hear, certain parts of your childish that must die.

So think of this, close your eyes, obviously if you're driving, don't close your eyes, pull over, right? I really mean this, like if you've been stressing about money, what I'm about to give to you today is going to change your life, and I don't say that lightly, I really, really mean this.

If somebody could have dropped what I'm about to tell you in my pocket when I was in my early 20s, there is no doubt right now that I would literally just be living off of investments and having the absolute most abundance ever that I could ever dream of.

If somebody would have shared with me what I'm about to share with you now. So take this really seriously. Take a deep breath, pull over, get a journal, and write this down.

When you have a dream that is much, much bigger than you and you're connected to a higher power, and that dream is something that is of true service, not just selling widgets, not just selling stuff that people don't need, that's just gonna make the rivers and the rainforest clog up with trash. I mean, a real dream.

And there's a clear path to get to that dream, right? We have a lot of content about purpose and dreams. Just head over to and type in the word dream, type in the word purpose. There are tons of resources for you there.

So once you're clear on your dream and you've done that work to really, really get clear on your dream, then all you have to do is go in the direction of your dream, and here's what I want to say.

When you go in the direction of your dream, you're going to meet yourself. Can you relate to this more? When you move in the direction of what it is you want to do, maybe it's going to the Azores or having a house or whatever you are, the parts of yourself that are being called forth that are playing small or that are wanting to be quiet, they have to come alive.

They literally have to come alive because if you don't allow those parts to come alive and also certain parts of you to die, you will be blocked. You will be stopped from moving in the direction of your dream. Can you relate to this personally, Mar?

For sure, yeah. I've been going through that lately quite a lot, I would say. And a lot of things have been shifting in the right direction.

And I realized how I was trying to push my dream last year, for example. And I was like, now I can see how I wasn't ready to do that because I was not coming from the right place because I was trying to build a dream, but my motivation was mainly to be independent and to have enough money.

And now the dream has shifted because I feel financially very secure right now, thanks to you, of course. And so my dream is to help people and money is not the motivational force anymore.

It's like, I wanna create something really meaningful and impactful and be part of the change and not just make money. So it's a completely different perspective and a different motivational force, it feels so much better right now. It feels right. It feels really good.

This is actually a really, really awesome thing that you mentioned for everyone listening. What Mar said is, as soon as she shifted from I just need money, I just want money, I just want money, and she actually got her head to a space of, wow, I wanna be of service to something.

I wanna do something that matters. Boom, right then, the universe, God, energy, Hawkins scale, however you want to describe it. The matter that creates all things shifted so that she was financially okay because of how inspired I am by the service, by the dream, and by the commitment that Mar is providing.

And this is what it's like for all of us. Stephen Covey once said, if you want to get everything, help others get everything, and you yourself will get everything as well. And I really believe that.

When you help others with their dream, like let's say you're in your early 20s, or let's say you're maybe in the first portion of your dream creation or your career and you may be stressed about not.

The worst motivation source and Mar already talked about this. The absolute worst place to come from would be, how do I make more money? How do I make more money? Because all that's going to do, if you look at this from an NLP perspective, all the universe is going to hear is that you're in lack. That's it.

How do I make more money? Because all that's going to do, if you look at this from an NLP perspective, all the universe is going to hear is that you're in lack. That's it. How do I make more money?

Instead, the motivation, the inspiration can come from how can I build my dream And how can I learn from someone else, how I can help them build theirs.

So that I am afforded the knowledge, the wisdom, and the life experience to build my own dream. Because I think, especially Mar, if you look at the generation that's up and coming now, maybe the people that are in college or that are graduating high school, I'm a bit disconnected from them, but from what I can tell, they're just primarily digital. They're 100% digital.

Everybody wants to live on a beach and have a 2-hour workday with a laptop. And it's just not the case. There is certain heavy lifting that one must do if they're committed to their dream, if they're clear on their purpose. So I'll rewind the tape.

Anna, and all of us, once you're clear on your dream, and you have full, full commitment to that dream, Then the motivation source becomes because all you have to do is ask yourself, how can I be of service to my dream?

Eventually, you're gonna find someone else that's doing something similar or uniquely different, but also similar to your dream…

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