AMA | Karma: How To Pay Off Your Spiritual Credit Card

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 649

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares why karma is a spiritual credit card and why we all get to pay it off to live a better life.

Today's Question:

Sandy Daniels: Do you believe in karma? Have you had any episodes or guests that go into it?

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Listen To Episode 649 As Josh Trent Answers Your Questions

[00:00] Intro

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I always say on this podcast my friends, we are not in our parents or our grandparents' environment anymore.

[10:00] How to Clear Your Karma

Let's get into this show. This is from Sandy Daniels. Her Instagram is @SandyDanielsFan, which is a really cool Instagram, by the way. Skincare and makeup concierge. That's who Sandy Daniels is. And she asked:

Do you believe in karma? Have you had any episodes or guests that go into it?

Yes, absolutely. I believe in karma, but let's unpack my definition of what karma is. Everybody has a wallet, and in your wallet, you most likely have a credit card, or you most likely have a bank card.

And so every single time you go to spend money, you are voicing an energetic change in your life and you're either supporting a company or people that you believe in, or You are just making it happen and supporting whoever you wanna support, but at the end of the day, you are literally feeding an outcome by the money that you spent.

Well, karma works the same way. When you behave in a way that is loving that is good for others, When you do good, good things will eventually, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, come back to you. Karma is essentially a spiritual credit card.

Now, karma has many sections and we did a really powerful episode on this about karma and dharma. And it was actually with Laura Coe. We did this episode about Akashic Records and we went deep into this. We also did a podcast with Anahata Ananda and with Vanessa Lambert, all on this concept of karma.

And here's what I have to say about karma. It's a very misconstrued way of thinking that when you put something out into the universe that it won't come back to you.

It's misconstrued because I think when we see water rolling down a hill, we don't realize that eventually it goes into the ocean. And it's the same thing with karma.

All of our behaviors eventually come back to us in some way. And I don't care if it's like little things like you were rude to somebody in public, or you stole, or you were mean to someone, or you were insensitive to someone all these things stack up stack up stack up stack up.

So my ultimate definition of karma is our behavior from this life or that comes back to us to learn lessons from. That's how I see karma. Karma is essentially a bank account for if you're embodying the lessons that God, that spirit, that universe is bringing to you.

Case in point, Mar, have you ever learned something about yourself that wasn't pleasant, that maybe made you a little uncomfortable, maybe you even thought, wow, did this come from my mom?

Did this come from my dad? Did this way of being, did this spiritual credit card that is asking for the debt to be paid, did it come from my family? Did it come from my lineage? Or did it come from myself?

Have you had something come up for you where you realized being, your way of behaving wasn't necessarily loving and you actually had to cash in that karma?

I feel like I'm going through that every single week. There's always something new that's coming out to the surface. I feel like what you said is the behavior that wasn't loving that's like the topic of my life because I wasn't brought up in an environment that was loving and like it was caring, there was love but it wasn't expressed in a way that I perceive it as love.

So as a child, I just didn't understand that this was a form of love, I just couldn't see that. And my whole life has been a transformation to actually act from love and to give love and to be able to receive it in a way that I wasn't able to get and to give as well when I was younger. So it's been a whole journey of my life.

Thanks for sharing that because you literally just encapsulated what all of us feel. Why is karma so important in the first place, right? Why is it even important?

The reason I picked this question it's so, so meaningful to understand that every single word you speak, the thoughts that you think, the behaviors that you do, your way of being in the world, it comes back to you.

So right now, in full transparency, I am in a deep, deep compression phase in my life. Literally everything that could go wrong has been wrong lately. And I've caught myself in really negative loops. Like, Oh my God, why is this happening to me? Like total victimhood.

And then when I take a breath because if I can breathe, I can chew, so if I can remind myself to shh, shh, shh, shh, ahhh, on the regular, remind myself to breathe, then I'm not a slave to my physiology, then I can float above my timeline, I can see myself.

And why I believe I am experiencing some compression right now is because whenever we are called forth to something bigger, I don't care if it's like a bigger career, a bigger property, a bigger relationship, a bigger way of being, a bigger fill in the blank, there is always going to be old energy, it's called existential energy, that gets to be cleaned up.

Here's what I mean. Have you ever moved and been from one place to another and then the moving truck got lost, your packages got lost, the keys weren't there, the paint wasn't dry, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It's because whenever you move from 1 thing to another, especially if you're upgrading, there is always going to be old energy to clean up. Look, the Hindus believe in karma, meaning that we all have to answer for our actions. If not in this life, by the way, then in the next.

So whenever we are going through change, whenever we are going through something that involves us expanding, I do believe that there is some spiritual balance to be paid off.

So what the only sense I can make of this as a conscious being, and I say conscious, like I'm doing the best I can to be conscious, am I 100% fully conscious? No, I'm not. I'm not, I'm not on a mountain. I don't wear a cape, But I do feel like I'm further along than a lot of people. Am I at the end? No, I'm not.

But in my current state of awareness, what I realize is that whenever I'm going through these massive contractions, expansion is on the way. Expansion is on, it has to. It's literally the law of the universe, right?

The sodium-potassium pump in the body, the high low pressure in physics, whenever something is compressed, compressed, you can't compress something forever is my whole point. Eventually, the arrow will be shot out of the bow. Eventually, the exhale will happen.

And so for any of us, myself included, that are going through a contraction, just trust this too shall pass. Because karma and this existential energy is wanting to be paid off. Karma is a spiritual credit card that is based on our behavior from this life or the past, right?

And that was my ultimate definition. Dharma is much different…

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