Tracking For Optimal Health – Alex Fergus

Alex Fergus: Tracking For Optimal Health

“The day I started prioritizing my sleep, was the same day my poor health started improving.” – Alex Fergus

Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 146 at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference with Alex Fergus, health coach, fitness expert, and CEO of Alex Fergus Coaching, as we explore the importance of sleep and how we can use technology to direct our actions towards optimal wellness.

We visit Alex at the OURA Ring booth to discuss their cutting-edge wearable technology that is transforming how we track our sleep and activity. OURA gives us precise and actionable data so we can learn our bodies and develop a clear plan to improve our health.

Alex also shares how coaches can use tech to monitor, guide, and create better results with their clients by providing added accountability and awareness.

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Listen To Episode 146 as Alex Uncovers:

  • Alex's passion for health coaching that came from a lifelong devotion to sports and fitness
  • How excessive training, dieting, and stress caused Alex to develop gut issues
  • The health practices Alex used to remedy his GI problems and reclaim his health
  • How we can improve our wellness with the powerful sleep information provided by the OURA Ring
  • The top areas of our health Alex feels we should start monitoring with technology
  • Why most people don't understand how important sleep is for proper body and brain function
  • How coaches can use technology to monitor, guide, and add in accountability for their clients
  • Why the 23 hours we spend outside of the gym are more important than the 1 hour inside
  • The mental roadblocks that stop people from appreciating and getting a good nights rest
  • How data can act as a mirror of mindfulness for how our actions affect our health
  • Strategies to improve your REM and restorative phases of sleep
  • Learning how our breathing plays into our quality of sleep
  • Alex's information and self-trials with “mouth-taping” to increase nostril-breathing at night
  • How our rest is affected by the use of stimulants and depressants
  • Common misconceptions about the importance of sleep
  • How technology can help us notice the correlations between our habits and health
  • Alex's tips on nutrition and strategies for eating a healthy ancestral diet

Power Quotes from Alex Fergus

“Stop wasting time and money on all these fads and gimmicks. Focus your resources on better food, better sleep and learning instead.” – Alex Fergus

“Unfortunately, there are consequences to following the ‘sleep when you're dead' logic. And that is, you will be dead much sooner than you think.” – Alex Fergus

“It's not the hour in the gym that makes the real difference, it's how we act during the other 23 that will truly determine our health.” – Alex Fergus

“Months after my physique was being praised in bodybuilding circles and by my peers, I found out I was extremely sick.” – Alex Fergus

“Look beyond calories and look beyond your diet. Where you live, who you live with, how you live… all these things play a huge role in how our body functions. Make sure they are supporting your health goals.” – Alex Fergus

About OURA Ring

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was founded by a group of techies, health nuts, weekend warriors and globe trotters who needed to find balance in our hectic lives. In search of a product that would help us strike a balance between good health, optimal performance and a busy lifestyle, we couldn't find any comprehensive options. So we engineered a solution of our own.

The ŌURA Ring provides sleep and activity tracking with unparalleled precision. The ŌURA mobile app synthesizes this data into daily knowledge, helping you understand your state of mind, body and spirit so you can best navigate your day.

The most accurate device for sleep and activity tracking, the ŌURA ring:

  • Senses the arteries in your finger, just like the hospital pulse oximeter
  • Captures 250 samples per second for a constant flow of reliable data
  • Detects blood volume pulse, body temperature and activity level with advanced sensors
  • Determines sleep stages with precision comparable to clinical sleep labs

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About Alex Fergus

 has a tremendous passion for improving health and fitness. He grew up in New Zealand and participated in a lot of sports. Alex represented his country in Rowing, won national bodybuilding titles, and broke power-lifting records.

There was always a strong desire to be healthier, faster and fitter. This thirst to improve lead him into the world of health coaching. He continues to read, study, experiment, listen and learn. Alex has suffered health woes – from being a horrible sleeper, embarrassingly low levels of testosterone and gut issues. Through these setbacks he has learned even more about the body – not only how to heal from these issues, but how to avoid them altogether.

This is why his clients continue to have such amazing results!

Today he continues to learn ways to optimize his own and his clients health and fitness, but also the people around him, family, friends and society as a whole.



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