As a child, I always wondered how things worked.

My curiosity wasn't satisfied unless I could pull something apart and put it all back together again. To deconstruct was to understand, and so, in my personal and professional health and wellness path it has been just the same.

Since 2005 I've been on a wellness journey in search of something more. 

More time to serve others and contribute, more time to play, more energy to live fully and more wellness and behavioral change knowledge that truly supports a life worth living.

Raised in a broken home, with genetics and the odds against me, I found solace from pain and was gifted a new purpose by excelling in high school sports. This was the start of my cultivation for a lifelong passion and a love for the human body and its happiness; something we all deserve to have at the highest level.

Over the past 10 years of learning, I've found that wellness isn't something that I do, it's something that I am. It is a force inside me, and in all of us, that was put there to push us closer to the people and the things that we love.

In 2009, I launched WellnessForce.com as a Fitness Professional in my transition to becoming a Wellness Consultant, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Quantified Self enthusiast, & expert in Fitness Technology

My motivation to create Wellness Force and coach over 10,000 training sessions is rooted deep in the fabric of where I came from; an early childhood & adolescent life plagued with weight & health struggles.

From the beginning, my intention has come from the empathy of my own story and a genuine place of being of service to others.

Being of service to me means giving others the gifts and lessons I've learned from succeeding and also failing forward.

It means sharing my experiences, hardships, and my discoveries of what fitness systems, training programs, health practices and wellness technology apps and devices really work.

I want to save you time, energy, and empower you with the wellness tools that will make a difference.

With over 10 years of high-level experience in the health & fitness industry since 2005, I've been fortunate enough to have been educated and trained directly with numerous world-class fitness professionals including Juan Carlos Santana, Paul Chek, Todd Durkin, Alwyn Cosgrove & Mike Boyle.

Currently certified by multiple NCCA accredited fitness organizations, I've provided content for multiple fitness & digital health publications such as WellnessFX, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, Nuviun Digital Health, Fitness Industry Technology Council & San Diego Pacific Magazine.

I'm honored to do what I do, and even more honored that you spend a small part of your life here with me.

I invite you to join me over at the Wellness Force Radio Podcast, where each week, we bring you inspiring and passionate experts in the areas of wellness technology and behavior change to empower you with the knowledge and tools on how to take the best actions in transforming your mindset, your body, and ultimately your life!

Empower your life through technology,

Josh Trent