5 Ways Wellness Technology Can Save Your Waistline This Holiday

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5 Ways Wellness Technology Can Save Your Waistline This Holiday

Save Your Waistline, Wellness ForceBy Erin Knight, FDN, Research Scientist, Health Engineer

You started 2016 off with the best of intentions.

You had fitness goals, some new gadgets and maybe you even signed up for a race (or 5!)

We all did…

But by the time beer and football season rolled around in the fall, those ambitions seemed a little fuzzy.

As you hunker down under that cozy wool blanket, it almost sounds like a good idea to wait until the next set of New Years Resolutions to get motivated again.

But wait!
 Before you get too comfortable in those elastic-waistband fleece pants (cookie pants!), 2015 is not over.

With a solid six plus weeks left before the ball drops on NYE, there is no reason to write the year off as a lost cause or backslide on all the great work you started in the name of stuffing and cranberry jelly.

Today I want to share 5 ideas for utilizing wearable technology to re-engage and have an extra boost of motivation through the next 3 months of temptation.

5 Ways Wellness Technology Can Save Your Waistline This Holiday

1. Use a HRV trainer to practice bringing your nervous system to “rest and digest” state before meals

Bringing yourself out of a frantic, stressed mindset into a calm, coherent state before meals is crucial for healthy digestion AND can help you make better choices at the dinner table. (Read more about how to use HRV to de-stress at heartmath.org)

2. Use your device to tune into your sleep patterns

Most of the current fitness trackers offer sleep tracking tools, and even if you are going to slack on the workouts when the weather turns chilly, this is the perfect time to optimize sleep quality. For an example of something you may learn: if you wake up frequently in the early morning, this MAY be a sign that your cortisol is spiking due to a major drop in blood sugar or even parasite activity. Or maybe it is just your neighbor’s car alarm going off again – regardless we want to track down the root cause and help you get better sleep. (For 7 more practical tips to help you optimize your sleep for optimal health, check out my free eBook!)

Save Your Waistline, Wellness Force3. Get excited about a new app

Why wait until January to look at the New & Noteworthy section for fitness apps and let the excitement of trying something new carry you through the holidays.

4. Use your device to remind you to get up and move AT LEAST one per hour

Burn off those extra helpings with some squats or a couple of flights of stairs. Your brain and focus will benefit, too!

5. Start a challenge with friends or family in early December

By the time you see them for the holidays, your little competition will be in full swing and you will have the perfect excuse to take a walk together instead of having a beer in front of the game with Uncle James. (If your friends aren’t game, you will surely find some link minded folks in the Digital Health Transformation Facebook Group to help you stay accountable)

If you like this article, you will love Erin’s FREE eBook: Supercharge your Sleep

Cheers to still fitting into your favorite jeans on January 1st!

Feeling inspired?

Comment below on which tip you think will help you the most and then pass this along to 3 friends and ask them to be accountability partners.

About the Author : 5 Ways Wellness Technology Can Save Your Waistline This Holidayoptimalhealth

Erin Knight is a Health Engineer who helps high performers eliminate hidden sources of chronic stress to optimize mental and physical states. Erin has a Masters of Engineering from the University of Michigan and is trained in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™ and nutrigenomics. She shares tips for achieving radiant health through online classes and her blog.

Questions for Erin? Feel free to reach out at erin@engineeringradiance.com or connect on Facebook or Instagram.

5 Ways Wellness Technology Can Save Your Waistline This Holiday

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