5 Essential Features of the Best Health Care Plans

Planning to get a health care plan for yourself? In that case, kudos to you because getting yourself a medical insurance plan is one of the best decisions you can make as an adult. Health insurance is essential in order to have cashless and effortless treatment in case of a medical emergency.

You can browse through the several health care plans available in the market to find the one that suits your budget and requirements in the best possible way. In addition, health insurance plans ensure quality treatment at reputed hospitals and also help you utilize your savings more efficiently. So getting a health care plan is always a great idea!

Nevertheless, there are certain things that you must know about health care plans before opting for one. Since at times, many policyholders miss out on few essential benefits rewards of owning an insurance policy.

Health care plans offer you cashless quality treatments and hospitalization services along with many other benefits that you might not know of. So, to help you understand, here is a list of basic inclusions and exclusions along with few common benefits that every plan offers:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage

Good health care plans offer maximum coverage when it comes to the treatment of the insured. They are supposed to cover all your expenses incurred before, during, and after hospitalization. It is in your best interest to avail smooth and cashless treatment for terminal illnesses, chronic and critical diseases without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Also, make sure you opt for reliable and trusted plans offered by companies like Humana insurance and Care Health Insurance to get all your expenses, from ambulance to post-hospitalization medical bills, covered and reimbursed under the policy


2. Tax Benefits

As mentioned in the Income Tax Act 1961  section 80 D, a health care policyholder can benefit from a few tax benefits. By paying the regular premiums against the sum insured, you get tax deductions ranging from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000. You are also eligible to avail of tax benefits if you are paying the premiums for your parent's health care plans.

3. Lifetime Renewability

SomeHealth care plans have lifetime renewability. They don't have an age limit or an expiration date. By paying timely premium payments, you can ensure safe and cashless treatment at any point in your life with reputed hospitals and treatment centres.

4. Free Health Check-Ups

You can get timely health check-ups for free at the nearest network hospital of the policy of your choice. Most health care plans cover annual check-ups that can sometimes help in early diagnosis of critical or chronic illnesses. These check-ups are essential as they help you detect an illness at a prior stage and treat it accordingly. Free regular health check-ups are one of the best features or inclusions of health insurance policies available today.

5. Exclusions

When buying health care plans, you need to check the exclusions as carefully as you go through the inclusions. Here are a few common exclusions that a plan has:

  • Cosmetic surgeries and treatments
  • Dental cosmetic surgeries and treatments
  • Pre-existing illness and sicknesses
  • Congenital or genetic illnesses
  • Injuries incurred due to war, terrorism, & suicide
  • Side effects of consuming non-prescription drugs


For A Secure Future Tomorrow: Opt For Health Care Plans Today

Make surviving and saving easier in today's unpredictable world where diseases like Covid-19, other pollution-borne diseases, and lifestyle disorders are constantly emerging.  A health care plan can be a great precaution that you can take to win over these conditions and diseases effectively.

Take your time as you shop around and consider different plans available.

It is recommended to know the benefits along with all the terms and conditions inclusive of the health insurance policy you plan on buying. And then get your health insured under a comprehensive insurance plan. Reputable insurers like Care health insurance provide you with plans that help you fight severe diseases effectively without worrying about their costs!


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