4 Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

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4 Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature Ejaculation (PE)… aka the confidence wrecker!

All men shudder after hearing these two phrases. And they have every right to feel that way.

Can you imagine having your performance ruined by your own body? That once pleasurable experience has turned into a hellish episode?

Fortunately, men have experimented with various remedies to mitigate early ejaculation.

1. Yoga

There was a time when yoga symbolized Indian heritage as a part of a sacred practice. After hundreds of years, yoga has reached California’s shores and has gained worldwide fame!

Not only is it hip to practice yoga, but it’s also healthy and beneficial for your body.

According to a study published in the World Journal of Men’s Health, practicing yoga has been shown to have several benefits:

–         Reduction in anxiety and depression

–         Control of pelvic and perineal muscles

–         Increase awareness in impending ejaculation

–         Delayed contraction of ejaculatory ducts

These proven results don’t lie, so get that yoga mat and try it for yourself! You’ll be doing your body and mind a huge favor!


2. Masturbation

It’s believed that masturbation before intercourse might delay ejaculation. Masturbation can cause the body to go into a refractory period, i.e., when you won’t be sexually responsive, increasing ejaculation time.

Before making love, you can go solo and pleasure yourself before heading to the big sheets. Decide to masturbate at least an hour or two before intercourse. You certainly don’t want to make it a marathon since that can eventually cause erectile dysfunction.

Also, save some time to just lay on your bed and close your eyes. It’s essential to relax and keep your mind free from performance jitters.


3. Spices

premature ejaculation treatment, Wellness Force

Oh yes, there are many herbal remedies, but nutmeg and ginger are some of the top natural solutions for premature ejaculations.

Nutmeg: This spice is said to help improve men’s sexual health by enhancing stamina and control because of its aphrodisiac property. You can add it to soups, chocolate milk, or cakes.

Ginger: It helps increase blood flow to the penile region, which in turn aids in controlling your ejaculation time. Ginger can be spicy when consumed alone, so combine ginger with honey and add them to your cup of tea to have a more pleasurable experience.


4. Almonds

It would be best if you were going “nuts” for almonds. They are full of fiber, Zinc, and Calcium, and they can help treat premature ejaculation.

Have a few almonds soak overnight. Then the very next day, crush them and add them to your cup of milk.

Et Voila! Enjoy your nutty drink, and don’t forget to chillax!


5. Nevertheless, Don’t Forget About Your Doctor.

Genetics, anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, and hormones can all be leading causes of problems in sexual performance in males. While any person with PE should consider the above remedies, some cases of premature ejaculation will need professional help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to reputable health professionals. They can save your life and your relationships!


4 Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

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