4 Digital Health Apps That Will Change Your Life

This week, Josh Trent guest posts for WellnessFX on finding the meaning and what actions to take with our digital health data.

Excerpt: “With the IOT projections of over 4.9 billion connected devices globally in 2015, we’ve created more bytes of data than every spoken word in the existence of the human race.

The speed of technology is now surpassing the speed of our biological evolution, but how does all this data really impact our lives?

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1. Activity Tracking

Fitbit – Released on iOS and Android in late 2014, SURGE is a fitness watch used in tandem with a smart phone that tracks your steps, heart rate, distance, GPS, calories burned, floors climbed and simplified heart rate zones. Biofeedback data can easily be exported and cross sectioned over your workouts, as well as automatically synced to a mobile dashboard to be analyzation and modification.

Tip: Invite up to 10 friends in a digital health fitness challenge where you can cheer each other on towards greatness. Strength in numbers!

Using wearables to increase mindfulness and improve health have already been approved by the FDA in clinical trials and national interest is burgeoning with Under Armour’s recent purchase of MapMyFitness; adding momentum through digital health towards a more physically active world.

2. Meditation

Equanimity – Available on iOS, this application is designed to help you establish and maintain a daily meditation practice. Equanimity times your sittings, provides a journal for notes, and displays graphical tracking that gives you clear feedback on your meditation practice. All of your recorded data can then be exported or emailed in individual entries- useful for sharing insights and encouraging further sessions.

During a 2013 study analyzing the effects of mindfulness meditation on serum cortisol, research over the course of 4 days showed significantly lowered cortisol levels and proved to be highly effective in decreasing stress while increasing overall well-being.

3. Journaling

Day One – A type of life-logging app that makes it easy to quickly enter your thoughts, pictures, tags, and memories all backed up in the cloud. Since 2014 I’ve been keeping my Day One chocked full of life’s lessons, successes, fears and dreams. I’ve found the ultimate value to gain from logging my life is the empowering reflective capability it endows.

Day One is an amazing tool to increase self-awareness, identify emotional eating, partition away friends that distract you from health goals, and remind you of amazing activities to re-engage in. Having a journal where you record your inner-most fears, secrets, and dreams can help in managing anxiety, reducing stress, and coping with depression.

4. Circadian Rhythm

f.lux – An application for smart phones and tablets that makes the color of your display adapt to the time of day; warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Its primary function is to block the “blue light” emitted by the screen, which has been proven to suppress melatonin production which is directly linked to poor sleep.

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