The Science Of Why Vegans Get Sick

Put down the tofu and take a step back! It’s going to be okay. You can have your gluten free cake and eat it too, I promise! Food as of late has become extremely political, especially for vegans and the veganism movement, but vegans get sick too!

Groups like the AMA, PETA and yes, even the conglomerate health food chain Whole Foods, have spent millions of dollars per year for pro-vegan/vegetarian advertising.

Here on the Wellness Force™ website, I’m spending about three hundred advertising dollars per year in support of sustainable foods and lifestyles instead.

First off I want to set it down like a block of concrete- This is not a trash talking session; it’s really just a forum to post science I’ve researched for your reading pleasure. If you have questions as to why you should not adapt to a vegan lifestyle, search no more, as I’ve done the reading for you!

If, on the other hand, you love your cheese and soy burgers and you have no autoimmune disregulation or insulin sensitivity issues and you skin, hair, muscle tone and energy are where you would like them, then skip this article and proceed directly to the nearest People’s market; they are waiting for you with open arms. For the other 95% plus of the population, we have another mission- good health without religion.

Before I go forward, I do have to put on record that I don’t hate or dislike vegans. Seriously, some of the best people I know are vegan/vegetarian. It’s all about love and education right now, that is all. The fact is, I just flat out dislike the religion of veganism, as it’s only metabolically typed for less than 5% of the population. It’s a style of eating that allows the follower to literally “flex” his or her food muscles every time they eat. It gives the eater a kind of power, if you will, and a way to show what they are doing is “better than the rest of the non-believers.”

The dogma of veganism goes beyond just being healthy or being a good person. I know by researching the truth and presenting the facts I will upset a lot of vegans, but the country deserves the right to know the science behind eating when it comes to food; not religion. Veganism is a systematic eating practice and lifestyle, where a structure of rules laid down from it’s key note speakers, usually high profile Hollywood celebrities directly funded by pro-vegan/vegetarian groups, express how eating animals and animal products are not “ethical”.

In the scientific world, based on long standing and current research however, humans are omnivorous, capable of consuming plant, animal, and inorganic material and have been eating flesh since the dawn of time. The cycle of life on earth is only sustainable by consumption and assimilation of flesh and plants; it is the circle upon which all ecosystems are based. When one species dies, it is either taken back directly or indirectly for other species- this is the law of the land. See chart below-   The Science Of Why Vegans Get Sick - WellnessForce.coma simple metaphor showing the flaw in veganism would be asking a shark to please eat kelp and let the seal go because “it’s the right thing to do.” Well, in all reality and the scientific laws of nature, the right thing to do is survive.

We live in an age where looking back at the past 50 years, the tax payer based and government subsidized agricultural revolution has created such a huge surplus of grains and legumes, that it has allowed the surfacing of eating methods in cultural affluence, morality and religious specificity. In other words, people now have the luxury of choosing what to eat based on culture and belief instead of the biology and laws found in nature. The human body was designed to eat both plants and animals; to deny this is to deny the fabric of who we are.

“We’ve been told that a vegetarian diet can feed the hungry, honor the animals, and save the planet.” (-Lierre Keith, believed in that plant-based diet and spent twenty years as a vegan but after serious health issues returned to an omnivores diet) In The Vegetarian Myth, she argues that we’ve been led astray–not by our longings for a just and sustainable world, but by our ignorance. The truth is that agriculture is a relentless assault against the planet, and more of the same won’t save us.

In service to annual grains, humans have devastated prairies and forests, driven countless species extinct, altered the climate, and destroyed the topsoil–the basis of life itself. Keith argues that if we are to save this planet, our food must be an act of profound and abiding repair: it must come from inside living communities, not be imposed across them.” -Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth   Vegans are extremely strict in cutting most healthy saturated fats and exclude all animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs (which are proven amazing sources of protein, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and vitamin B12). When compared to the SAD (standard american diet) diet of potato chips, beans, wonder bread, fruit by the foot, grain fed meats and snicker bars, there are some benefits of being a vegetarian. Vegans, however, are not as lenient in consuming cheeses and other animal based products.

They have a quest to “never hurt a living thing,” all the while forgetting that plants have feelings too. They have also conveniently forgotten that nature shows us a multitude of certain plants that are even themselves carnivores, such as the Venus flytrap, Roridula gorgonias, and Archaeamphora longicervia plants. So yes, in the context of ignoring nutritional body language for spiritual beliefs, the dangers of a vegan diet are very possible! (just as with any diet if the right foods are not consumed).   A huge danger of a vegan diet is malnutrition, which is an insufficiency or imbalance in micro and macro-nutrient feeding. A vegan diet is very low vitamin B12, a nutrient found mostly in animal products.

Vegans try to supplement this vitamin or drink fortified soy milk. Soy, when drank in quantities to fill nutrient gaps in diets, can become toxic and the phyto-estrogens within the proteins of the soybean can lead to cancer, especially ovarian and breast type in females, as well as low testosterone and high estrogen levels in men.   In addition to the ever-growing list of soy health risks, it has a solid foundation with tofu in vegan diets, and can interrupt thyroid function.

Soy promotes disregulation of human metabolism and growth functions via blockage of the t4-t3 hormone conversion for normal thyroxine functions; basically it’s metabolic derangement. Vitamin D deficiency is another huge problem with a veganism. Vitamin D is crucial for the body to process calcium and comes from sources such as grass-fed cow’s milk, raw dairy and from exposure to sunshine; all excluded from a vegan diet! (haha, except sunshine)   Iron deficiency & omega-3 deficiency will also occur with an unmonitored vegan diet. Iron is found in green leafy vegetables, which is why a vegan diet is extremely high in nightshades.  In some biochemical individualities, these vegetables can cause immune system loads depending on you metabolic type.  Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid found in cold water ocean fish such as salmon. Omega-3 prevents heart disease, memory loss, and vascular problems.

Vegans again, try to supplement a lack of omega-3 by consuming flax or hemp seeds which have shorter chain fatty acids, however the lost purine content from not eating the long chain fatty acids is sub-optimal nutrition.   A recent study by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) found that people who are currently vegetarian are more likely to binge-eat and take drastic and unhealthy measures to control their weight. In addition to the new findings, those who formerly were vegetarian  turned vegan had showed an increase in using extra measures to mimic basic physiological processes such as using diet pills and laxative, to control weight. Foods suitable for vegetarians and vegans may contain sugar and processed grains.

Vegetarians may get too much fat and cholesterol. If you want to lose weight, vegetarians and vegans must eat fewer calories than they burn in the correct MBTD ratios, just like their meat-eating counterparts.   The bottom line about nutrition is that we all need to step back, take a look at what we are eating and begin to really feel what the food does to our energy, vitality and mood. We need to learn more from nature. There is no religions in packs of wolves, there is no key note speaker for a group of whales. We humans, as simply just an advanced type of species on this planet, have the power to rebuild and revive this broken food system.

Veganism is obviously not the answer, and until we can change the policy of lobbyists in congress, who pay MILLIONS for the votes to benefit  agribusiness, sugar and grain companies, the health of our people and this planet will continue to decline.

Food is not religion; it’s simply just fuel for our body, mind and soul.

Eat what fuels you best and be happy.

Chew on that the next time someone yells “meat is murder!”


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With wellness & hope,

Josh Trent NASM CES

Josh Trent NASM CES

Josh Trent NASM CES

About the Author

Josh Trent, NASM-CES, CPT, HLC, is a corrective exercise specialist and participatory sports technology expert with over 9 years in the fitness industry. His passion is to accelerate wellness evolution through the power of the Digital Health and Quantified Self movements. You can follow him on Twitter @wellnessforce, or through his website
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  • Jon Gosserman

    No more soy! Thanks JT!

    • Vegan Dad

      The saddest part of this comment, is that the person telling you these things, is NOT qualified to do so. You cannot take an internet web page as the written truth. his source may be biased, paid (same thing), or outright wrong. Think about it. He is saying that meat eating is good, and plant eating is bad. REALLY? How many people through processed meals or not, have gotten cancer or heart attacks due to their plant based diet? Backed by supplementation or not? Zero. That’s how many. Cholesterol is ONLY found in animal products and the only cause of heart attacks. ( don’t be picky) Vitamin B12, is NOT from animals I say. And I say again, NOT from animals. It is a soil based bacteria. In the days of old when a person would eat meat, they DID get B12. And that’s based on the animal eating grass and other items STILL growing in b12 rich SOIL. The animal eats the grass wheat, etc. and then the b12 is on board. Fast forward to today and you get your b12 in a supplement form too. JUST like calcium, Vitamin D and Iron, ALLLLLLLL added in liquid form ( I grew up on a dairy farm , I know.) along with the antibiotics, etc…etc.. So before you “decide” how or what to do with your dietary life and carbon footprint based diet, try this. PERSONAL RESEARCH. Try it for 6 months, LEGIT no cheating. And at the end, if your blood work and your energy aren’t amazingly what you wanted, then change. IMO a true carnivore is one that CANNOT live without meat. Like, sharks…and felines. Dogs, can be vegan. Mine are, and have been for a decade. (Vet says he has never seen a set of dogs, as shiny, healthy and vibrant as my dogs. ones a beagle and ones a lab, BOITH rescues from the local kill shelter. He asks for my secret, I wont say, and he says, “Must be eggs.” HAAH)

      • Zach

        Vegan dad, if you look at Josh’s credentials he seems pretty qualified to me- the dude lost over 60 pounds I think I’ll take his word for it. I think what works for you doesn’t work for a lot of people unless they are blood type A

        • Vegan Dad

          Well if weight loss was all you required to hop on the bandwagon, then I have lost over 150 lbs in my vegan journey, my wife 60 and change. Trust me when I say, he is wrong.

          • Zach

            VeganDad, I’m so happy for you seriously, great job and congratulations on your weight loss! remember your story is yours alone and there are millions out there that do well on Paleo diet :)Live long and prosper!

          • Vegan Dad

            Your version and mine of “do well” differ substantially. A person is “thriving” when they don’t knew about true health. Yes, paleo would feel better than a standard diet of crap. If one went from vegan to paleo, the difference is clear and drastic. Abstaining from flesh is easy, if you know of the science and ethics involved. Your body is NOT designed for flash processing, teeth, eyes, stomach, finger nails, the last goes on and on. And if paleo was so great, why are there by a few long term paleo backers? They suffer from adrenal fatigue like no other, hence caffeine being used by mist as a dietary add on. There were no refined sugars, grains or coffee then either. ;)

      • Josh Trent

        I can respect your opinion because I assume that it’s coming from a place of
        genuine care for others. This is NOT an attack on vegans, rather, a truth spotlight on
        food dogma. From that same care for others, I cannot let your comments here stand without response, as people may come across your misleading information and it might hurt them. To reiterate, B12 needs to be consumed from outside the body. It is well-known that the vegan diets typically need major supplementation in order to receive an adequate and nutrient dense profile. In regards to my ‘qualifications’ I can
        assure you that over the past 9 years in fitness and nutrition, I keep up to
        date with the top leaders in the industry, as well as set a practical example in
        my own life- mirroring the practice of the science of which I speak. At the end of the day, we are all sentient beings that deserve an individualistic experience whether it
        be nutrition or spirituality. To each their own unless their own arms others.
        Additionally, to say that cholesterol eaten from animal flesh causes heart
        attacks would be the same logic as blaming the rain for a heat wave. Numerous
        evolutionary biologists have proven that the intake of carbohydrates and
        excessive sugar is the true cause of cholesterol elevation, not consuming
        animal flesh.

        Dr. Jack Norris:

        “The overwhelming consensus in the mainstream nutrition community, as well as among vegan health professionals, is that plant foods do not provide vitamin B12, and fortified foods or supplements are necessary for the optimal health of vegans, and even vegetarians in many cases.”

        • Vegan Dad

          You sir are grossly miss and under informed. Degree in nutrition and a degree in anatomy. Once you possess those, we debate no longer. Since you will then be on the same page as I.

          • evan

            im convinced your retarded

      • Nikkyo

        Humans are never exposed to one thing in their envorment. It’s a mixture. Cancer is a disease that progress slowly over time, just ask Robin, Howard Stern co-host, who is a vegan. 

        There’s an age group, 50 – 60s where stress, inflammation, LDL particle B, lack of activity starts taking a its toll. 

        Fatty foods are digested and packed into particles that can carry fat into the blood stream as long as the particles are properly built. Not saturated fats, coconut oil or animal fats but corn oil, soy oil the lipoproteins particles do not contain enough antioxidants and the lipoprotein are easy destabilized. So when fat containing particles are destabilized, the fat they were shuttling thru the blood stream is unprotected and cannot stay suspended in the bloodstream so they will splat to the inner lining of the artery. This is why LDL particle B rise with the SAD. 

        The China a Study, vegan’s magnum opus, is an observational study.

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  • poof

    This article has no references for the claims it makes and lacks any real evidence. It mostly cites potential dietary deficiencies which are easily avoidable if the ‘vegan’ has made a modicum of effort to eat healthfully. Further there is hardly any money going to ‘advertising for a vegan lifestyle’ compared with the millions spent lobbying junk food and meat. Most of the environmental atrocities cited here are actually directly related to the meat industry ie deforestation for growing grains most of which are used to feed livestock. Finally the ‘celebrity’ endorsements or ethical reasons people choose not to eat meat are mostly centered around voting with one;s dollar against the grain/corn/meat/dairy industry which the author cites at the end as the enemy…comparing a shark eating a seal in the wild to the way humans raise cattle couldn’t be further from logical in terms of a metaphor; are we still cavemen? I’m all for humans hunting their own meat. Eat all the meat you can catch middle America. Oh wait you buy your meat pre packed at the store oblivious to the vast amount of energy required to get it there. 10x more energy is required to produce the same amount of calories obtained from meat vs plants. Check your facts. I comment only because this ranked highly on google and you’re spouting ill information.

    • GrowABrain

      “10x more energy is required to produce the same amount of calories obtained from meat vs plants” – This comment is a complete myth and always ignores shipping and processing costs of plant material. In actuality: In dietary equivalency – For every 1 ton of meat shipped, 6 tons of vegetables are required to be shipped (5 more trucks!! That’s more fuel & more waste!). Secondly, grazing animals take INEDIBLE food/plants and convert it to edible food – no extra fossil fuels required, no pesticides required (cleaner water). Cattle, in particular, have digestive systems evolved to process plant fiber (cellulose) and break it down extremely efficiently. In addition, they poop & fertilize fields.
      Thirdly: Think of all the vegan/vegetarian processed meals that require multiple stages of processing as well to get your “veggie burger” or your “morning star” products, etc. The fillers are primarily soy, corn & wheat. All these fillers require pesticides and herbicides – cattle don’t care if there’s bugs on what they eat (and they eat a lot of weeds as well as grasses).

      • John

        @GrowABrain Total myth! People don’t realize that monocroping corn, wheat, canola, and soy (all building blocks of a vegan lifestyle) will DOOM this world! if we focus on diversified organic crops we can change the world! @poof you will find whatever you are looking for as far as “facts” but the clear line in the sand is drawn wen you ask a tiger not to eat you in the wild. Not gonna happen baby! The closed organic cycle is king.

        • Jane64

          Jon I completely agree! Monocrops will be the nemesis in the year 2020 and beyond! vegetarians don’t understand that growing plants won;t feed the world.

          • poof

            why do so many of you insist that all vegans eat nothing but prepackaged garbage?

            yes, diversified plant based diets, that is veganism. Nothing in the monocrop family is necessary or recommended for a vegan diet!

            further, not all veggie burgers are prepacked soybean meal from the deep freezer! I’ve had delicious veggie patties made of lentil black bean base with a lettuce bun.

            literally try for one second to think outside the box, the frozen box at the supermarket, think outside of it, the aisles filled with boxes, step outside of them, now I introduce you to the the far side of the store, there, there they are, the fruits and vegetables! yes physically identifiable produce! yes that is where you will find the healthy/responsible vegans!

            yes monocrops are the enemy, yes the meat and dairy industry CONTRIBUTE to this problem. how do you not understand that we have the same goals?

        • poof

          “corn, wheat, canola, and soy” these are the building blocks of a SAD lifestyle.

          The building blocks of a HEALTHY vegan diet (nothing in this article or comment was referring to ‘lifestyle’ which would include amongst other things avoiding leathers, pelts, horns and so on) are fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds etc. corn is not included as a ‘vegetable’ nor is ‘soy’ unless its the full bean e.g. edamame.

          You have an incredibly distorted view of veganism is you think our only food sources are processed pre-packaged monocrops.

          But then you say the truth:
          “if we focus on diversified organic crops we can change the world”

          You’re quite contrary John.

      • Vegan Dad

        And your comment bypasses anything ethical. Just like your first/next/last heart attack.

      • poof

        The energy you cite is only the final stage: meat or plant to grocer; you are forgetting the plant to birthing cattle, the birthing to grazing cattle, the plant to the grazing cattle, the grazing cattle to the slaughtering; that’s several extra steps.

        Human poop is also a viable fertilizer. The food being fed to the animals is using pesticides, Monsanto’s main customers are those who grow cattle/poultry/pork feed +/ the corn/soy/wheat which is also ‘inedible’ and winds up in loads of human foods including cereals (the corn used in cereals is the leftover that no one would buy), and the other processed junk food (vegan included) you cite which should be avoided regardless of one’s personal stance on meat, processed food vegan or not is junk. The pesticides are used not because humans dislike the look of bugs on the plant, but because the bugs eat the plants, ie the plant is gone, not just ‘dirty’, or half eaten, thus less plant/less profit. The cattle/poultry/pork do not subsist exclusively off of weeds though some cows may be fed hay in addition to the fattening wheat/corn/soy heavy diet.

        The cattle are generally way over-crowded and their excess poop actually causes the water in the area to become dirtier not cleaner, in addition to the excess methane produced from their flagellation.

        I am vegan to counterbalance the gross excess of majority SAD eating America. If humans ate only what they caught and/or in moderation, i.e. 1 animal product per day vs. multiple per meal, the energy situation would be far less of an issue as would obesity in our nation.

    • John

      @poof you will find whatever you are looking for as far as “facts” but the clear line in the sand is drawn wen you ask a tiger not to eat you in the wild. Not gonna happen baby! The closed organic cycle is king.

      • poof

        you obviously did not read my post. “I’m all for humans hunting their own meat. Eat all the meat you can catch middle America. Oh wait you buy your meat pre packed at the store oblivious to the vast amount of energy required to get it there.” I have no ‘soft spot’ for animals.

    • Jane64

      Poof? Seriously I know you have a dogma for nutrition but at the end of the day we all need to eat what’s best for our health and stop treating food as a religion. I know that a lot of the vegans and vegetarians have a soft heart when it comes to eating animals, but forget that those animals would never have a soft heart if they have the chance to eat you! Tell a tiger in the forest not to make you his dinner. Not going to happen.

      • Vegan Dad

        They wouldn’t abstain from eating us, based on the not having a single other option. Also THEY must have meat. They can’t produce required nutrients, we can. They produce vitamin c, we don’t.

      • poof

        you obiously did not read my post. “I’m all for humans hunting their own meat. Eat all the meat you can catch middle America. Oh wait you buy your meat pre packed at the store oblivious to the vast amount of energy required to get it there.” I have no ‘soft spot’ for animals. I cite the waste of energy as a problem. Additionally the OVERconsumption of dairy and processed (NOT wild) meat leads to disease as both are the equivalent of junk food.

  • Really?

    Vitamin B12 is actually created in your body and also found in the soil due to microbes. Omnivores are just as likely to get a B12 deficiency due to lack of intrinsic factor in their body to help aid in absorption. It’s a common deficiency in all people, not just vegans/vegetarians. Calcium is added to cow’s milk along with vitamin D. Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin of humans. Therefore a vegan can get enough if he/she spends 15 mins. a day in the summer sun. The acidity caused by animal proteins leaches calcium and phosphate from your bones to stabilize the acid base balance in your body. These are all things you can read about in a nutrition and anatomy/physiology book. Notice the correlation of high rates of osteoporosis in the countries with the highest consumption of dairy products. Calcium is found in kale, broccoli, and spinach to name a few green leafy veggies. The calcium in these is easily absorbed when these are slightly cooked to release the oxalic acid within them. So vegans and vegetarians are just as capable of getting calcium. Iron is found in raisins, green leafy veggies, and beans. So iron deficiency on a vegan diet is impossible if you eat foods that offer it along with vitamin C rich foods to help aid in absorption. Also the body stores iron so as long as you have no major bleeding then you’re fine. Omega 3’s are also found in some nuts so there really is no need to consume fish or eggs to get omega 3s and the body converts these into omega 6s if need be. So please next time you want to bag on a diet, read an Anatomy & Physiology book or two along with a few nutrition books. This is blatant misinformation and not acceptable.

    • Jane64

      Dude really? Who are you kidding? B12 is NOT created in your body!

      There are only two ways that you can obtain vitamin B-12: by eating foods rich in the vitamin, (gf beef, ect.) or by taking dietary supplements. (vegans)

      The reason that he can take so many supplements because without the animal flesh-based diet is impossible to achieve a healthy lifestyle unless you’re genetically predisposed to function well on a slower oxidization of all the profile. For the general masses animal flesh is the capstone of solid nutrition.

      • Vegan Dad

        You have no idea what you are referring too. The body, with an over abundance of copper(broccoli) can produce B 12. Heart attacks are caused by arterial plaque blocking arteries. Arterial plaque is caused by one thing cholesterol. And not cholesterol that is made in you, but made in an animal. The only source of cholesterol on the planet comes from animal. There is nothing in meat that cannot be found in a plant. Well of course except copious amounts of fat and cholesterol. And sadly to say, you like the gent running this thing, think that your cow butt and back have B 12, they don’t. It is added to the cow with a syringe or power in their food. Along with antibiotics and a host of other terrifying things. The b12 comes predominantly from soul microbes which over the decades have been decimated due to mono crops gmo’s. And the cows USED to be able to get it from the good ol’ dirt. Not anymore. The Romans used to sleep with children and it was accepted and practiced by the majority. The majority is almost always wrong, given enough time…. Creatures don’t need to die for your desire for a taste. And the majority of flavors you and other meat waters “like” are plant based spices anyways. Or salt. And you say flesh is the capstone of nutrition? Very comical indeed. Exactly what pay off meat is nutritious? The acidic causing protein? Widower in a package.

        • D Kidd

          Sorry, Pal. Read the Framingham study….it destroyed the idea that cholesterol causes heart attacks…..completely destroyed that myth 100%.

          • Vegan Dad

            What is the white, fatty mass made of that is stuck….creating heart attacks and strokes after it breaks free? what is the chunky, yellowish white mass that surgeons pull out of the arteries? Cholesterol….plain and simple. I can pay my way into agenda based outcomes…science can be bought….look at the USDA..

          • D Kidd

            The fatty mass is polyunsaturated omega 6 that comes from vegetable oils that vegans consume…..Not the healthy omega 3’s that come from 100% grass fed beef.

            Nice try.

          • Vegan Dad

            Hahaha…just to be sure I’m clear, the white fatty tissue that is removed by surgeons….is from plant fats? Hahaha haha. You area funny human. Lemme guwas, the red stuff in my veins is really clear? My bones are rubber? Come on now…..I can understand doing things to reach an agenda….but at least be realistic.

          • D Kidd

            You heard that right….polyunsaturated omega 6 from vegetable oil….you better stop using it. By the way, your glycemic load of carbs are raising your triglycerides.

            If you’re a vegan, why don’t you get a real life and stop acting like a feminist.

          • Vegan Dad

            Awww…the widdle twoll is getting angwy…. Well, sorry. Truth usually hurts those who run from it the most. Ouch. My “job” is to know about macro and micro nutrients…absorption….etc. So if acting like a rational, eCo minded, compassionate person, is being a feminist… Then sign me up. Good day to you and your life of NO compassion, with extra cruelty on the side…yum.

          • Vegan Dad

            The white material is cholesterol and fat. Globular chunkiness. From animal protein….and animal farts.

    • Vegan Dad

      Shhhh. Speak no truth. This guy doesn’t get it. He just regurgitates useless mainstream medicines mumbo jumbo, like so many before him and sadly so many after.

  • Vegan Dad

    I cant stand things like this. People, and or sheeple if you will, read this and GOBBLE it up as it is the “truth’…isn’t it? Nope. Not at all.

    • Jane64

      The truth hurts!

      • Vegan Dad

        You poor thing. The only truth is the sadness behind their eyes. 269.

  • Zach

    Thank you so much for this article this message needs to be spread!!!! #JERF #Wellness

    • Vegan Dad

      The only message that should be spread on this dudes blog is its end.

  • Nikkyo

    The vitamin B(12) concentration of an algal health food, spirulina (Spirulina sp.) tablets, was determined by both Lactobacillus leichmannii ATCC 7830 microbiological and intrinsic factor chemiluminescence methods. The values determined with the microbiological method were approximately 6-9-fold greater in the spirulina tablets than the values determined with the chemiluminescence method. Although most of the vitamin B(12) determined with the microbiological method was derived from various vitamin B(12) substitutive compounds and/or inactive vitamin B(12) analogues, the spirulina contained a small amount of vitamin B(12) active in the binding of the intrinsic factor. Two intrinsic factor active vitamin B(12) analogues (major and minor) were purified from the spirulina tablets and partially characterized. The major (83%) and minor (17%) analogues were identified as pseudovitamin B(12) and vitamin B(12), respectively, as judged from data of TLC, reversed-phase HPLC, (1)H NMR spectroscopy, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, and biological activity using L. leichmannii as a test organism and the binding of vitamin B(12) to the intrinsic factor…..wut?